It is 4 months since I joined the NB program and I am pleased to share that I have gained so much in such a short time! For15 years I lived a hectic live as CEO which involved long days and frequent travel through different time zones. Certain issues such as waking up often and early, hence not getting much sleep had become a reality for me. Now I have a deep sound sleep of 6-7 hours and am more focussed. Stress levels and anxiety have decreased so much. Joint pains that forced me quitting running for more than 10 years have gradually faded away and to my great surprise and pleasure (!) I can run 2x per week again. This means so much to me!  Most of all, I have a much more positive outlook to life and gained self confidence. Today I got in the results of my first retest. I have improved so much in various areas. It is great to see my personal experience reflected by the retest!

I wholeheartedly recommend taking a hair test and committing to the Nutritional Balancing program. At times it is tough but most worthwhile! Thank you Robert!


Public Health Professional, 64 years

It’s about time I write my testimonial for Robert as we have benefited so much over the last 2 years.

In autumn 2014 my health deteriorated and I crashed badly after 10 years of stressful work around the globe with a number of horrible symptoms such as free floating anxiety, agoraphobia, hypoglycemia, uncontrollable anger, mind racing and first of all insomnia to the point that I was barely getting 2,5 hours sleep per night.

My manic research and intuition lead me to NB and Robert, respectively, which I contacted in February 2015.

During my time waiting for my initial HTMA I got so much support over the phone no one would ever expect. I will never forget this ever, Robert!

As my HTMA came in I was the first customer at the Chiang Mai retreat to learn all the Basics of Nutritional Balancing. I believe that I really had a big head-start to tackle my condition as I was able to follow the protocol precise from the beginning including the diet and the procedures.

Looking back, I really have to say that I had a VERY rough start on the program as I had unthinkable reactions to the supplements. I doubt that anyone without the best coaching would have quit on the spot but I was guided through this dark times by the fantastic support and coaching Robert has to offer and stuck to it.

It took me about 3 months till I found a considerable improvement in my insomnia and other symptoms which made me truthfully believe that I was on the right path.

Over the course of the past 2 years, I consistently improved with quite rocky detox phases physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I have to emphasize the changes this powerful program will have on your personality. As body chemistry improves and metals are getting eliminated one becomes the person one is meant to be. My life has changed fundamentally.

The results I had, made my mom in Germany follow my steps on the program and my fiancé followed me one and a half years later after surviving tuberculosis.

We are all grateful for the program and the dedication of all involved to make it accessible for humanity.

Thanks, Robert, for playing this important part in my life and being a friend.

Mr. T


Dear Robert,

I must tell you that I have not felt as good since 3 years. My brain fog, heavy head, pressure on my eyes seems to be gone and I am so thankful to you and Dr. Wilson. I also feel that I have already much more energy again.

I know that my underlying problems, my artery disease will take much longer to cure and i am eager to continue with the program.

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The problems above impacted me most on my daily life. And now, all the sudden these problems seem to be gone. I have been to doctors all around the world and paid thousands of dollars in medical bills. And nobody was able to tell me whats wrong with me. The hair analysis and report was a 100% accurate how I felt. It’s incredible and i love reading every night articles on the website of Dr. Wilson. I am so glad that i came across the website and that i have you here in Thailand as my support and mentor. Talk to you soon,
Corporate Executive

Dear Robert,

I fell like I have been gifted with the opportunity to find and heal myself through Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis.

I’ve always been an active, happy, popular kid however from the age of 16 my life started to turn upside down. I started getting visual snow, depression, terrible anxiety, my fungal infections worsened (and around 15 other symptoms).

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I thought it was ‘all in my head’. I went through psychiatrists, doctors, self help books you name it. I felt totally detached from reality and I was loosing friends and becoming a recluse. I felt incredibly uncomfortable all the time. I ran myself into the ground trying to get better. I exercised hours and hours per day, I tried to fit in with the crowd by drinking heavily and this just made me worse.When I was 21 I found Dr Wilson’s article on Brain fog and Copper toxicity and it was as if a light had been switched on. I started the program straight away. Albeit a little off track at first. Over the months I got so much more stronger, my visual snow started to disappear, my confidence returned, my anxiety vanished and these are just a few of the amazing things that have happened to me. I’m now 1 and a half years into the program and I still keep improving. Its hard at first, and theres a lot to change in your life but it’s well worth it. My visual snow now is pretty much gone, ive gone from being a total atheist to a very spiritually aligned person, my confidence has improved massively and I am comfortable in most situations. The great thing about this program is that you just keep going up hill. As long as you can stay positive through the hard times like retracing and stopping addictions its hard not to benefit from this profound healing program. Since moving to Thailand Robert has been coaching me and there has been a steady improvement in my health

Architectural Graduate - UK

Dear Robert,

I just wanted to write and thank you and Dr. Wilson’s team for helping me regain my health.As you know I have been into nutrition for many years, but last year was extremely stressful and my health suffered.  I became “hyper thyroid”, which can be life threatening.  My Doctor said I had 3 choices, 1) to remove my thyroid, 2) to radiate my thyroid or 3) to take immune suppressing drugs.

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I was told there was nothing I could do naturally. None of those options appealed to me. After 8 months of following your program as best I could my thyroid has totally stabilized. Also I no longer have antibodies, which means I no longer have an auto immune response! I couldn’t be happier! I am always surprised by how accurate the analysis of my hair is. The interpretation of the ratio’s has been dead on, even emotionally. You guys are totally gifted. I look forward to contained success with your program. I feel like growing older doesn’t have to be so bad. Thanks again.
Real estate agent, model, mother, wife

When I came across the first article of Dr. Wilson I instantly knew that I found something very valuable, something I haven’t read before, and I was researching alternative health care practitioners and treatments for 10 years in order to heal myself. Conventional medicine was not doing anything for me.

I met Robert while I was traveling through SE Asia one year ago and from the beginning on I was very impressed about his energy, determination and enthusiasm.

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He was the proof I came to the right place. Robert gave me great coaching throughout the program and all the attention and time I needed, he was always there when help was needed to go through difficult time periods. I am thirty years old, and have had serious health problems since childhood, which became worse in my twenties, while studying. I had allergies, asthma, insomnia, skin and digestive problems, food sensitivities, candida, bloating, diarrhea, hair loss, brain fog, mind racing, poor concentration, bad memory, low energy, infections, feeling cold, tired and weak all the time, dizziness, weight gain, PMS and psychological problem (anxiety, low self esteem,..). I have been on the program for almost one year now and since I started I have been feeling better and better every month. The first six months I went through some rough healing reactions, which made my faith in the program even bigger. I felt it as a blessing to experience my own body healing itself to such a deep level day after day. Now my reactions subsided and most of my symptoms are gone or barely noticeable. I feel so much better on the physical, mental and spiritual level, I can’t even remember when I felt this good. My life is headed in a very healthy and positive direction now. This program is the most powerful healing modality I know of, this is why every day I keep reading some articles on Dr. Wilson’s website to educate myself about proper nutrition and correct lifestyle. I would suggest just anyone to follow this program as it can bring great relief and anyone can profit greatly from it.
S.K, University graduate in Agricultural Sciences and Health and Nutrition

To be honest, I always thought that being “health conscious” was something for older people and that I could afford to “enjoy myself” a little – at least for the time being. I’m aware that this view is held by many youngsters as well. Increasingly, however, this is not the case.

For me personally, I had a list of symptoms- some of which I didn’t even realise were health related ones. I only realised this when I filled the form for the hair test when I started the program which happened by total co-incidence. My symptoms included irregular menstrual cycle, acne, back-ache, and even emotional problems like being overly sensitive, anxious, nervous, and spaced-out. Initially, I just saw these symptoms as something to be “fixed” by either going to the doctor and/or adjusting my attitude and outlook.

But just 3 months into the program (and I admit I did not follow the diet plan very strictly), I saw a huge difference and started having more faith in the program. My acne began clearing up, I started my period, and I felt I became more emotionally stable. I also noticed that my immunity was much stronger, rarely falling ill even when the people around me were.

The more I see the people around me regularly fall ill and have all these symptoms similar to mine, I believe that the program really is the way forward. I know its difficult, especially the diet plan. I am nowhere close to reaching that stage yet but at least now I know what to aim for and can introduce improvements in my diet and lifestyle. Simran Thakral, 1st Year Student - University of Warwick, United Kingdom

I started the programme in 2011 and came to Conscious Living Nutritional Balancing Retreat in February 2016 as a way to immerse myself fully in its philosophy and to use the facilities provided, as well as checking the accuracy of my past actions.

Robert, the proprietor has provided a wonderfully relaxing 2 teak wood houses within a beautiful resort. Apart from health, his passion is gardening and he has, without doubt, created a wonderful Zen-like garden.

His knowledge of Dr. Wilson’s work is outstanding and he is committed to helping attendees and visitors to continually improve their health. The food and drinks provided, whilst simply prepared, are likely to be the very best available in the whole of Thailand as far as nutrition is concerned and the guidance given has always been positive and encouraging.

I have enjoyed my 2 weeks here and because of the benefits that I feel that I am getting, have extended it for another 4 weeks.

Iain L.