Who is the retreat for?

Anyone who is on a Nutritional Balancing program and wanting a perfect getaway that will not interfere with their regime. The center will also help to provide support and reinforcement on the program

Anyone new to Nutritional Balancing and is wanting a crash-course on the program

Anyone struggling with sticking to their program and are looking for a retreat to help and reinforce following the program

Practitioners looking to meet like minded people and for a getaway that enables them to learn and focus their skills in a peaceful setting

Anyone interested in nutrition, natural healing, spirituality etc and looking to experience the great healing affects of this 21st century healing


Pre-requisite before arriving

Before arriving at the center we ask you to provide copies of your Hair Mineral Analysis charts, current Nutritional Balancing program and any special requirements you may need while on the trip. This will help us prepare for your stay accordingly.

If you would like to start a Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis program you can contact us, alternatively you can go to our Getting Started


What is included in the package?

3 meals per day based on your oxidation type (Organic and pesticide free vegetables available, local organic free range eggs, chicken, beef + lamb from New Zealand & Australia)

Quality spring + filtered water

Coffee enema kits provided, instructions will be given on how to independently administer coffee enema on yourself so you can be well equipped to do it at home

Daily use of near infra-red sauna therapy, instructions provided

Daily  use of chi swing machine, instructions provided

Daily Foot reflexology by professional therapist

An ipod will be handed upon your arrival. You can choose to listen to Dr. Larry Wilson’s talk on various health related topics at your convenience including the Roy Masters observation exercise.

Also included upon request:

Personal counseling with Robert
Private instructions for gentle yoga  poses or corrective exercises like spinal twist or specific exercises for those that             want to strengthen their abdominal or back muscles.

The Nutritional Balancing Retreat Center is located in Chiangmai, a sanctuary nestled in the foothills of northern Thailand. The center will serve as a prototype retreat for clients wanting to learn more about the principles and practices of Nutritional Balancing Science, as started by Dr. Paul Eck and continued by Dr. Lawrence Wilson. Under guidance of Robert, clients will learn first hand how to practically live the program.

What is special at Conscious Living Nutritional Balancing Retreat?

100% Natural Plants and Fruits based “Probiotic” Cleaning products are used in the entire resort from body wash to laundry and dish soap.

Our bed canopies are available to EMF sensitive individuals. They are made in nylon, coated with sterling silver and reduce EMF radiation.

Inverter Air Conditioning system helps us conserve energy, produces no loud sound assuring you a good night sleep.

A Shower Filter is installed in every room, to reduce any excess minerals and toxic metals in water supply.


Our Air filters come with a negative ion generator built in. Bio-fiber and Nano-ferrite filters which disinfects bacteria, virus, molds and allergens.

Near Infrared Detoxification Saunas are available right outside your room.

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