Health conscious people increasingly realize that living in an environment with low levels of man-made electromagnetic field pollution (EMF) is key to optimal health. We recently had a leading EMF expert, who has given a TEDx talk on the topic, stay at the Conscious Living low EMF detox retreat Chiang Mai for several weeks to evaluate our accommodations. He found that all four types of electromagnetic fields are extremely low in many of our rooms. In fact, they are some of the lowest levels he has seen in measuring hundreds of properties and are suitable for people who are electrically sensitive.

Below are pictures of the EMF readings from several of our buildings. We have identified multiple rooms that have very low levels of EMF pollution and that are free of mold and chemicals (a common problem in Thailand). These accommodations will allow even the most sensitive person have a healthy detox and nutritional balancing experience while staying with us.

Low EMF resort Chiang Mai

In the picture above, the left meter measures radio frequency (RF) or microwave radiation from cell towers and Wi-Fi (we do not allow Wi-Fi at our retreat center, but do have very fast wired fiber optic internet). You can see that the RF levels are minimal. In the center is a gauss meter that measures low-frequency magnetic fields from electrical current. 0.02 mG is very low, with readings below 0.1 mG being ideal. The right meter measures low-frequency electric fields from wiring. Readings below 1.0 V/m is ideal for sleeping. You can see that the readings in this room (the Meditation Hut) are well below that.

Low EMF detox retreat Chiang Mai

The above picture shows the EMF readings in the Main House, which has the kitchen and several bedrooms. Again, the RF, magnetic and electric fields are very low. You can learn more about these meters on this page.

Low EMF detox retreat Chiang Mai

This picture shows the EMF readings in one of the primary guest houses (the upstairs bedroom). The EMF levels are very low and ideal for deep, restful sleep. Included in the picture above is an AM radio, which is used to detect EMI or “dirty electricity.” The EMI levels on this property are also quite low.

Low EMF Infrared Sauna Chiang Mai

Finally, as part of your detox protocol, you will also have access to near-infrared saunas. Near-infrared saunas typically have much lower EMF levels than far-infrared saunas. We had our saunas evaluated, which you can see in this video, and they also have low levels of EMF pollution. Several electrically sensitive people have used these saunas every day for multiple weeks and felt great afterwards.

Conscious Living – low EMF detox retreat Chiang Mai

Low-EMF retreat centers will become very important for society in the coming years. Already, young people are in great need of “digital detox” retreats. Our ‘low EMF detox retreat Chiang Mai’ takes this concept to another level by providing a truly low-EMF experience where you will be able to rest, detox and heal. This is the future, but it is already here. We look forward to welcoming you.