Retreat Facilities

The conscious Living health retreat is set in wonderful gardens. They are carefully tended and stocked with a variety of plants that add to the general energy of the retreat. The gardens will excite the nose as well as the eyes as great care is taken to source beautifully scented plants.

The accommodation is housed in 5 teak buildings that merge into the surroundings. They are connected by paths that wind their way through the gardens.

The Conscious Living retreat Chiang Mai has a number of facilities to help you get the most from your stay here.

Conscious Living Chiang Mai

Near infra red sauna at Conscious Living retreat Chiang Mai

Near Infra Red Sauna

We have 2 near infra red saunas for your use. These rooms provide an excellent detox and are very beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • They help to kill infections.
  • They help to increase energy.
  • They can strengthen your immune system.
  • Help to remove heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, nickel and many others.
  • Remove other toxic chemicals from the body.
  • Controls yeasts, molds as well as fungi.
  • They can assist pain relief
  • Help control parasites.

And many other benefits.

Meditation Room

We have a dedicated meditation room.

It is equipped with suitable seating to ensure comfort during your meditation.

The room is equipped with toilet facilities.

We also have a meditation garden overlooking the valley.

Chiang Mai retreat accommodation

Kitchens / Dining and Lounge Areas

We have 4 kitchens which are fully equipped with cookers, storage as well as refrigerators.

In some buildings there are separate lounges and dining areas.

These facilities mean that the retreat is suitable for small groups to run their own retreats here.

It also means that self catering packages are an option.


We supply all meals for those guests that are on the Nutritional Balancing program.

Food is carefully selected from local suppliers.

Homegrown food is also available from our own gardens.

If you are not on the program but would like a package that includes meals please contact us with your requirements.

Food at Conscious Living retreat