What is Conscious Living?

We believe that awareness of the things that lead to good health is the starting point to an improved, healthy lifestyle.
Our starting point for diagnosis is to take samples of hair and have them analyzed in our specialist US laboratory.

Why use hair to test?

Hair is a storage tissue and a tissue that the body uses for excreting excessive amounts of toxic metals and other substances such as drugs to help rid them from the body. Therefore it is an excellent place to measure these items. Hair provides a unique, biopsy type of reading of metabolic activity. Hair analysis is safe and inexpensive whilst giving a scientific reading at the cellular level. When we discover anomalies in the hair mineral analysis we can re-balance using specially designed diets.

Hair Mineral Analysis, an Introduction by Lawrence Wilson, MD

Nutritional Balancing Science

Hair Mineral Analysis along with other material submitted by our clients to informs us of a variety of situations. By interpreting the hair mineral test properly, one can construct a biochemical picture of the way the body is responding to stress, the body’s energy level and body’s metabolic type. A customized program is then developed specifically to correct imbalances at the cellular level. Unlike conventional symptom based healing, Nutritional Balancing incorporates and integrates many disciplines including physiological chemistry, biochemistry, natural healing theory and the theory of the oxidation types.

Why use hair mineral analysis to design nutritional balancing program? by Lawrence Wilson, MD

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Conscious Living FAQs

This healing program helps improve the energy-producing mechanisms of your body. Energy then becomes available for healing, regeneration, removing toxic metals and for all other activities. Balancing body chemistry and keeping it balanced through periodic retesting is the key to raising the energy level. Note that symptoms are relieved in their order of severity, and not necessarily in the order that you might desire. Most people have serious latent conditions that may be healed first, before other symptoms go away.

The vast majority of biochemical functions take place in the body’s cells. Most cells cannot easily be accessed without invasive procedures, but the cells of the hair are readily available, and extensive research has shown a reliable relationship between the level of minerals in the hair and those of other tissues in the body. Analysis, therefore, of the mineral content of your hair can be used to provide a general blueprint of the mineral activity in the rest of your body.

Nutritional Balancing requires that one strictly follow certain rules and principles for the deepest healing to occur quickly and safely. If you are discipline with the program, you will definitely see results. How fast you see will depend on how severe your condition is. But you should ideally give yourself at least a year or two on the program to see results.

Most people notice improvement within a few weeks. However, this healing program is aimed at deep and permanent correction of body chemistry. To replenish 20 to 30 minerals and eliminate dozens of toxic substances requires two or three years or more depending on how well you are able to follow the diet, supplements, lifestyle, detoxification protocol and mental training exercise.

Please do not combine this program with other dietary, nutrient or herbal regimens. These will impair its effectiveness. Please ask me before adding other nutritional or herbal remedies. However, other holistic therapies, especially chiropractic, is highly recommended. Remain on prescribed medication unless we discuss it or you consult the prescribing physician.

While on the program, you may temporarily experience aches and pains, colds, sore throats, flare-ups of old injuries or other symptoms. These are called healing reactions. These may be due to the elimination from the body of toxic metals, drugs, chemicals or other foreign substances, or the healing of chronic infections. As your adaptive energy increases, a ‘housecleaning’ takes place. Imagine you own a large house and have not had the energy to keep it clean. As your energy increases, your body automatically begins to cleanse and repair itself. Temporary symptoms are evidence of this healing. PLEASE CALL if these symptoms are annoying. Symptoms can often be alleviated by slight changes in your program.

We recommend using the supplements provided by Endo-met Laboratories, the supplement arm of ARL Laboratories. They produce a specially formulated line of vitamin and mineral supplements designed to help balance body chemistry. Their products are free of gluten, soy, wheat, whey and yeast. For more information please check check this link..

Many people ask why one needs to take vitamins or minerals in dosages exceeding the recommended daily allowances? Among the reasons are depleted soil, low-nutrient crops, food processing and the use of pesticides and herbicides on our crops. Others include stress, special circumstances like pregnancy, and that we use nutrients for therapy, not just to avoid deficiency diseases. Click here for more information on this subject.

As long as you make us fully aware of any medication you are taking, this can be taken into account and usually will not affect your program. Our aim is for you to reduce and finally eliminate most medication. However, this has to be done with the authorization of your doctor or GP.

We use Analytical Research Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona. ARL are the pioneers and leaders of the Hair Mineral Analysis industry in terms of the technology, research and quality of supplementation they use. For more information click here.

Robert Peter Morgan

For the past 30+ years Robert has dedicated himself to exploring alternative therapies, technologies and philosophies to enhance his own life and the lives of others. He has experienced numerous healing modalities , was vegetarian for 38 years, did 40 day water fasting, stayed at various ashrams & monasteries in Sri Lanka, Nepal, India , Northern Thailand & in U.S.A . Owner of health food restaurants & Natural food grocery stores. From his vast experiences and knowledge, he believes that the Nutritional Balancing Program is one of the most effective and comprehensive programs on the planet to help maintain one’s balance and to help the individual reach their FULL POTENTIAL AS A HUMAN BEING.

  • Certified Nutritional Balancing Science Practitioner
  • Reflexologist Board certified, State of California
  • Training in Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine
  • Development of alternate health care related businesses

Dr. Larry Wilson

Dr. Wilson has a medical degree and works as a nutrition consultant only. For over 30 years he has specialized in nutritional balancing science, a particular method of improving health that he originally learned from Dr. Paul C. Eck, a biochemist and founder of Analytical Research Laboratories.

Dr. Wilson has no financial interest in this company, but does some technical consulting and teaching for the laboratory. After about 15 years of office practice, he moved to Prescott, Arizona, where he spends most of his time teaching physicians and nutrition consultants about nutritional balancing science.

Visit www.drlwilson.com for more information on Nutritional Balancing Science